HTC Rhyme Review

A couple of weeks ago, HTC and O2 held an event in Edinburgh, they invited their Twitter followers along to try out some mobiles. After a couple of drinks and a bit of a chat, I got my hands on an HTC Sensation XL. I’ve never really been convinced by massive phones and this didn’t change my mind. Having small hands means that the XL is tricky to type on, it’s also impossible to fit in pockets. I thought the interface was nice and easy to use though, so I was rather more excited when offered a trial of the HTC Rhyme (a proper-sized phone).

The HTC Rhyme seems to be aimed at women. Normally I’d be put off by this, but the Rhyme manages to be subtle and stylish. As the bar was dark and lacking in mobile reception, I decided to wait until I got home before investigating the box. Probably a good idea given how much I struggled to get into it! I do like a nice bit of packaging design and it does seem to have had a lot of thought put into it. However, each piece was sealed in a plastic bag that even my talons nearly failed to penetrate. After a slightly embarrassing struggle, I finally managed to defeat the plastic and got everything out to look at.

I was impressed by the charging dock with integral speakers. A cunning idea and something I expect to use a lot! Less impressed by the charm but, like I said, I’m not really a girl girl and don’t have much in the way of handbags.

HTC and O2 also gave me a Virgin Experience voucher so I can have a fun day out with the Rhyme. I looked it all up online and found out I could have a go at falconry. Paid a bit extra to get a full day of it and got my voucher in the post yesterday. On looking into booking it today it turns out that the Virgin website is out of date so the two falconry centres nearby don’t actually do it any more. There is another one that looks good but the website says they only do falconry from September to February. And it’s March. Bother. I’m going to phone the falconry place tomorrow and see whether it is still possible to book on. If not I guess I’ll have to try to get a refund from Virgin and look into doing something else. Neither £100 afternoon tea (even I can’t eat *that* much cake) or driving fast cars really appeals. Hopefully I’ll still get to play with the raptors.

For my first attempt at an unboxing video, check out:

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2 Responses to HTC Rhyme Review

  1. M&D says:

    Looks great, just as well you’ve got good nails to access it.

    Presumably the charm acts as an advert to thieves that you have a great phone hidden in your bag.

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