Knitting Heroes

Elijah - Ysolda Teague design

For todays 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, the topic is My Knitting or Crochet Hero. This is a tough one as there are so many great bloggers and great designers out there. However, there are two people that I particularly admire in the knitting blogworld.

Ysolda Teague is a knitting designer who creates fun and interesting patterns. She not only creates gorgeous patterns but also takes brilliant photos and publishes her own books. As a publishing student, I know how hard it can be to design, produce and print a book, never mind the pattern-writing and photography.

Cloud - Kate Davies design

Kate Davies is another designer who creates inspirational patterns. They are always structurally interesting and enjoyable to knit. I seem to learn a new technique every time I knit one of Kate’s patterns.

I’m one of those knitters that has a tendency to fiddle around with patterns as I go. Changing bits here and there or substituting colours or different yarns out of curiosity. However both Ysolda and Kate’s designs keep me interested without feeling the need to make any changes.

Maybe some day I’ll get round to doing my own designs, but if not then I’d be quite happy to just keep knitting Kate and Ysolda’s patterns!

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