A Knitter for all Seasons?

Day four(ish) of the Eskimimimakes 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. I very nearly managed to do it on time but there was a slight issue of a publishing event with free wine and then a friend’s birthday meal out, then a pub. It probably still would have been ok if the bus times hadn’t changed (last bus is now 10 minutes earlier than it used to be).

Anyway, seasonal knitting. I don’t think I really am a seasonal knitter. I bought a hat and blanket kit with my (March) birthday money. My intention was to wait until the weather got cooler luckily I only had to wait a couple of days. I’ve worn the Sheep Heid quite a lot since as Scotland seems to have sunk back into Winter.

If I get the urge to knit and have no immediate need for warmth, there’s always someone in my life who does. Even if this someone is my teapot. Tea-cosies are great; they’re small enough to fit in a bag and only need a ball of wool. Plus you can make them in weird and wonderful designs and people just think it’s cute!

Even if you don’t want to do something tricky you can get a fun tea-cosy from a ball of stripy sock yarn (top photo). If you like a bit of tricky in your knitting then the options are pretty much endless. The craziest I’ve gone in the teapot department is this lovely sheep. He was really fun to knit and if you make a mistake, no-one will ever know!

The problem now is that to satisfy my expanding collection of tea-cosies, I think I’ll need to buy more teapots…

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