Last week, I went to Edinburgh Zoo. It was great to finally see what all the fuss is about with the pandas. Most of the other animals were snoozing in the bizarrely warm Scottish weather but the pandas were being very accommodating. So much so, I’m not entirely convinced they’re really pandas. I think they’ve dressed up small children as pandas and made them sit around, munching bamboo. Surely *real* pandas aren’t quite so… panda-esque?

It was great having the HTC Rhyme which HTC and O2 gave me as it meant I could easily video without watching the camera. It was also useful for getting to the zoo on time. It’s weird realising how dependent I’ve become on the Rhyme, using it to check bus times and using the map (and GPS) to make sure I get off the bus at the right place. I’m finding it less good for photos though, hence why all the photos are from my DSLR (a Nikon D40). Also it turns out I only take photos of black & white things. (Click on the photos to view them full-size).

Scrapping Sun Bears

Scurrying Skunk

Gentoo Penguin

Tian Tian

Yang Guang

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  1. M&D says:

    I want a panda!

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