Macro Photography

Photography is so easy these days with cameraphones and digital SLRs, however it still takes effort to capture a good shot. Being quite short myself, I’ve always felt an affinity with tiny things (isn’t this little guy just adorable) and enjoyed a bit of macro action. I use a Nikon D40, a basic DSLR but it does everything I need it to without being so expensive that I’d be loathe to let it out in the rain. With a Tamron 70-300 mm macro zoom lens I’ve been able to take some nice macro shots, however with a minimum focus distance of 950 mm in macro it does need a bit of space.

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend suggested I try out extension tubes. Never having heard of these before I was a bit bemused, but a macro set-up for under £10 sounded great. The basic idea is that you put a tube between the camera body and the lens which means you can get closer to the subject while keeping it in focus (for more detail, there are various tutorials on the interwebs). There are some drawbacks, including the fact that you won’t be able to use any automatic settings the lens has, however my favourite lens is an old manual 50 mm prime so it doesn’t matter to me.

So, how about some photos?


Dewdrops and Iris.

Cammo Park


For more photos, you can see my Flickr pics here and here. The extension tubes I bought were from here. It’s weird, since getting the tubes I keep noticing tiny things – my latest obsession is raindrops. Probably a good thing since I live in Scotland…

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1 Response to Macro Photography

  1. M&D says:

    Love the photos and a lot fewer calories than the cakes.
    Just as well you like raindrops considering the forecast for the weekend.

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