Woolfest 2012

BoatsAt the weekend I went to my first ever Woolfest. I’ve been meaning to visit since I got into knitting a few years back but work gets busy in June. My parents agreed to come with me and we met up in the Lake District in probably the wettest weather all year. It was so rainy that when the clouds lifted slightly, we noticed a few new lakes that weren’t supposed to exist. There were lots of trees that normally live a few feet above the lake and roads with raging torrents flowing down them.

Woolfest is basically a livestock auction house full of knitters and knitting-related paraphernalia. I was surprised how few people seemed to be wearing hand-made things though. My Sheep-heid hat got a few comments which is always fun. There were a few token sheep (and a couple of Alpacas). My favourite livestock was this very philosophical looking fellow.


PlantThe programme and a lot of the stalls said no photography so I only have pictures of sheep rather than all the stunning stuff for sale. My total haul was mostly for other people – there was simply so much stuff that I couldn’t choose. In the end I bought myself a ball of sock wool in various shades of grey, plus Warriston, a pattern by Kate Davies. The sample looked really nice and cosy, with the weather it was an irresistible combination.

Despite the flood warnings for pretty much the whole of northern England we decided to go for a bit of a walk as that is what British people do in the rain. Low clouds and miserable weather at least make for interesting photos. My macro obsession continued unabated and I got a few shots despite the lack of light, the rain and battling with an umbrella.

The geese seemed quite excited by their new improved lake (which we had been told had risen 2 feet just that morning). They were running all over the place but a couple seemed quite intrigued by my camera. This is my favourite shot of the week despite (or perhaps because of) being taken at arms length with no real expectation of a useable result.Goose

All in all a lovely – if occasionally damp – weekend. I only wished I had my Nokia N8 with me too. The HTC Rhyme is great for using the internet while away but utterly failed to take nice shots in the rain and gloom. But maybe if I’d had my N8 I wouldn’t have risked my Nikon D40 out in the rain and would have missed all these shots… For more photos from the weekend, click here:

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