Autumn Macro

It’s been a long time since my last blogpost – life got in the way somewhat. I do now have an MSc in Publishing and moved house so it’s not all been idle frivolity.

Having been really busy since the move (weddings, plague, visitors etc.) I hadn’t really explored my new surroundings. So I decided that a little wander with my camera with be a good excuse. Of course with my macro obsession the photos don’t really show Bristol but it was still fun.

Starting the day with Scotch pancakes, berries, yoghurt and honey definitely helped:
Scotch Pancakes

The trees were suitably autumnal against the blue sky:

Autumnal Leaf

But more fascinating were the funghi lurking in the shadows:

Macro makes me look and think so much more than using a zoom lens. Normally I wouldn’t look twice at ivy but I was fascinated by the miniature bouquets of flowers they were putting out:
Ivy Flowers

For more photos from my Autumnal wanderings (and a photo of the booties I knitted for a friend’s beautiful new arrival), click here.

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