Autumn in the Lake District

Last weekend I was in a house in the Lake District with it’s very own Aga and open fire and gas lighting. I didn’t want to leave. Having a job meant I had to but at least I’ve got photos to remind me of the good times.

The Lake District tourist board carefully ensures any vista is suitably scenic, if it isn’t scenic enough they’ll add a few sheep (Herdwicks for added cuteness) or a gently plashing stream. Backup Herdwicks are kept handy in barns for emergency landscape-decoration:

Herdwick Sheep

Sometimes they do get a bit tired from all the posing and have to have a lie down. This lovely fellow still managed to be photogenic though:

Sleepy Sheep

As well as sheep-spotting, there was treasure-hunting. I was introduced to the noble art of geocaching. This mostly seems to involve walking round in circles looking at a GPS/mobile phone followed by puzzling at a cryptex. Surprisingly difficult in the cold but we succeeded! I’m told not all geocaches involve a cryptex sadly, but I definitely plan to hunt down more.


The Lake District also happens to have a few lakes meaning that it’s almost impossible to take a picture that *isn’t* wonderfully scenic. I don’t mind though, a bit of Autumnal colour is always fun.


Sometimes there are boats to make it look even more photo-tastic.

Lonely Boat

For a few more of my Lake District photos, click here. In knitting news, my Rams and Yowes blanket (design by Kate Davies) is finished. It was wonderful in the Lake District, keeping me cosy and warm. I do plan to write a post about it at some point but it does involve me remembering to take photos during sunlight hours…

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