I like birds

Slightly obscure title choice – Eels fans may recognise it? I was looking through some of my photos and noticed that birds appear quite often and couldn’t resist a listen. So here is a roundup of some of my favourite photos (that just happen to be bird portraits).

Penguin   Emperor Penguin at Edinburgh Zoo

I like the slightly abstract nature and the glorious flash of colour. Penguins often seem slightly absurd on nature programmes but they can be elegant too.

Harris Hawk   Harris Hawk in Blairgowrie

Orkney was my gorgeous companion for a wonderful day in Scotland. She seemed perfectly content posing for photos. Not a native bird but utterly stunning to watch flying over the hills and valley. And not a bad picture for a mobile phone either.

Eagle Owl   Eagle Owl at Royal Armouries Leeds

I may not be a mouse but this picture still makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Silent and deadly.

Falcon   Peregrine Falcon at Royal Armouries Leeds

This little fellow was much more interested in protecting his meat than having his photo taken but I’m glad I persisted as I got this shot in the end.

Goose   Greylag Goose in the Lake District

Possibly my favourite bird portrait. I was out and about experimenting with macro (using my extension tubes) when this guy wandered over to see what I was up to. With an incredibly short depth of field I had to hold my camera at arm’s length in order to have a chance of getting anything in focus. Expecting none of them to come out, I was delighted when looking through the photos on my computer and saw this.

Looking through my pictures makes me want to get out and photograph more birds. I think my next challenge will be to concentrate on wildlife. Less predictable than captive birds but maybe more gratifying if I succeed?

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