Odd Mittens

One of my favourite parts about moving to a new city (Bristol) is that I am now only 10 minutes from my local yarn shop (Get Knitted). Not only that, but it is a really good yarn shop and has a knitting group. Where I lived before, my “local” knitting group was a good half hour away by bike so was a struggle after work. Being mostly self-taught at knitting, I’ve not really had many in depth knitterly discussions. Going along to the group in Bristol makes me notice things about my own crafting choices. We were speaking about socks, mittens etc. and someone asked me about my odd mittens.

They’re knitted from one ball of Noro Silk Garden Sock but look fairly random. Not colours I’d choose to put together myself but I like them anyway:


When I got home and pulled on my fingerless knitting mittens, I remembered that those were odd too. Knitting gives me cold wrists so I whipped these up a few years ago out of a random scrap of yarn.


Then it dawned on me, all my mittens are odd. I wonder what that says about me? These Tiffany mittens from Knitty.com were my first ever fair isle piece. I’d decided to knit my grandmother mittens for Christmas and had enough wool leftover to make a pair for myself – as long as I didn’t want them matching…


Mismatched mittens are great, I never forget which goes on which hand. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to have handknits noticed, even if it’s because they’re odd.

I’m really enjoying Autumn, the colours are great but also I get to wear my knits! I finished this jumper (Get Off My Cloud by Kate Davies) at the height of Summer a couple of years ago. Despite the short sleeves it is really warm. It’s great having suitable weather to wear it out and about.


Happy knitting.


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2 Responses to Odd Mittens

  1. Julie says:

    I love Bristol! That’s where my husband is from, actually. I love those Noro mitts, and all the other sort of ‘odd’ ones- I think you probably like to have interesting winter accessories doing the long, dreary winter season.

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