London – Photography and Typography

Living in Bristol means that I’m a lot closer to London than before. After several months of being down south, I finally got round to visiting the capital. Most of my weekend was spent eating all of the tasty things but I did manage to take a few photographs as well.

The markets around Brick Lane were packed full of interesting clothes, furniture and random curios, but it was the food we had gone for. Initially it was a bit overwhelming, too many interesting stalls to choose from. Each one decorated with beautifully arranged spreads to tempt in the crowds.

Cauldrons of jewel-bright Indian curries:

Healthy Senegalese (I think?) artworks in green:

Delicately arranged platters of Japanese sushi:

One of my favourite stalls wasn’t food-related though. These gorgeous lights glowed in the gloom of the market, however I don’t think they’d look as good individually. Maybe when I have a flat I can have a shoal of these floating across the ceiling…

Outside the markets there was still plenty to look at, from graffiti wildlife:

To interesting typography:
Street signs

My favourite image of the weekend was this one:

But does it say “Read” or “Don’t read this”? The more I look at it, the more words I see…

Since moving to Bristol I seem to be busy all the time and haven’t been reading as much as normal. It was nice to have a couple of hours on the train to sit and read. Since today is the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice I think I’ll give it another read. My blog is another thing suffering from neglect recently. Recently I have been knitting and baking rather than photographing and blogging. Now I just need to convert the knitting and baking into knitting and baking blogposts. Perhaps then life will feel slightly more balanced.

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  1. M & D says:

    Great photos

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