Baking and Knitting

As much as adventures to London are fun, sometimes it’s nice to stay at home to bake, knit and drink copious amounts of tea. In the Guardian yesterday I saw the honey recipes and couldn’t resist. The madeleines intrigued me as I’ve never made them before. Having all the ingredients helped too (well, I switched the orange for lemon, but apart from that). I was really pleased with how they turned out, especially since I don’t have a Madeleine tin and the mixture was looking suspiciously un-aerated during mixing. The recipe is here, but be warned, the amount of icing suggested is huge. I only made half the quantity and still ended up with plenty to eat straight from the pan – well I couldn’t waste it, could I?

Honey Lemon Madeleine

As well as baking (and eating) tasty honey lemon buns, I finally got round to getting photos of a hat I made last winter. As anyone who crafts and reads crafty blogs knows, crochet ripple blankets are gorgeous. Personally I get a bit twitchy about buying enough yarn to make a blanket though. So, some time last winter, I decided it was about time I learnt to crochet, and where better to start than with a bit of light rippling? I had a ball of Noro sock yarn and decided a hat would be a fun thing to make – small enough to use only one ball of wool, big enough to learn to ripple. The only problem was, apparently no-one out there had done this before (or if they had, I couldn’t find it). There was only one thing to do – make it up as I went along.

Crochet Ripple Hat

For details on how to crochet your own rippled things, check out Lucy’s brilliant instructions at Attic24. For the hat, I crocheted a chain that went around my head and then rippled. Once deep enough (10 rounds) I added an extra decrease for each pattern repeat. I did one round of this then a couple of rounds of 3 decreases and no increases for each pattern repeat. By this point the hat was starting to look hat-shaped so I decreased all the way round for three rounds and finally sewed up the last few stitches.

Crochet Ripple Hat

Since the hat, I have actually made a ripple blanket. Baby-sized in blue and grey. I was surprised by how quickly it grew – but then babies don’t stay baby-sized for long so I had a deadline.

Currently on the needles is my fourth sock of the year. Second sock of my second pair from a book I got for Christmas – Interweave’s Favourite Socks. There will be photos at some point. The only problem is, socks seem to be addictive. As soon as I cast off, I want to cast on the next, not stop for photos. Maybe next weekend…

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  1. M & D says:

    Love the hat – and the cake!

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