Photography Challenge

The world is still feeling very wintry. Or at least this part of it is. Frosty mornings and occasional snow flurries have meant tea and knitting have won out over photography recently. With the change to British Summer Time, things are starting to look up. It is still bitterly cold but having dinner during daylight hours reassures me that Spring will eventually appear. The extra light is also making me think about photography again. Photography is a hobby I have dabbled in for over 10 years now. A new lens for Christmas has made me think an upgrade to my camera body might be a good idea. I do love my Nikon D40, but it does have some drawbacks. I could go out and spend all my money on a new camera… but, since I recently left my job in order to gain experience in publishing, this seems like something I should consider carefully.

In the meantime (i.e. to distract myself from heading straight to the camera shop) I’ve decided to practise my photography, expand my skills and really think about what I want from my camera. Bristol is quite photogenic with a bit of sunshine so it hasn’t been hard to take some nice snaps. But to take a good photograph is a whole other matter. With a bit of planning (and some judicious editing afterwards) I’ve got a few photographs that I’m willing to share.

Colston Hall
Colston Hall – Geometry

Coriander Bouquet – Macro

Ashton Court Deer
Ashton Court Deer – Wildlife

Bristol Suspension Bridge
Sky and Suspension Bridge – Landscape

A disparate group of images but each one taken to make me think about different aspects of photography. Did you spot the way the stag is looking in the wrong direction but the small deer is peeking at me from behind the tree? I love how looking at my photos on the computer makes me spot things I don’t see through the viewfinder. Now, just think how awesome these photos would be if only I had that new camera…

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