It’s day two of Knitting & Crochet Blog Week, that means it’s time to conjure up a monkey-inspired project. A quick search on Ravelry shows there are 1093 patterns that are named or tagged with “Monkey”. That’s quite a lot. With my current addiction to sock-knitting, you might think I’d go for Cookie A‘s Monkey sock pattern. However, since I do tend to go for a challenge, I’m actually thinking of designing a toy monkey. Blimey, there are 485 patterns that include the word “Monkey” and the tag “Toy”.

Anyway, the monkey pattern I’m thinking of is currently flipping between knitting and crochet in my head. Crochet would probably be easier to make up as I go along, but knitting makes a smoother fabric. The most suitable style of fabric will depend on who the monkey is for. It seems like everyone is having babies at the moment so perhaps a baby toy. In that case, I would perhaps use crochet to make a sturdy fabric that can stand up to being flung around, chewed and generally attacked on a daily basis. To be honest though, I’m tempted to make a Japanese Macaque. These fluffy-looking monkeys live in cold places and some of them use thermal springs to keep warm in winter:

(Photo by Yblieb and licensed under Creative Commons).

A monkey made in a fluffy yarn (Kidsilk Haze held double or quadruple, perhaps?) would be less durable but so snuggly. I don’t think I’d like to do battle with Kidsilk Haze and a crochet hook so a knitted pattern would probably work better. Having knit Ysolda Teague‘s Elijah the elephant pattern a couple of times, I think I could modify it to make it more monkey-shaped (plus with added tail). Perhaps I’ll do some sketching and see if a fuzzy Japanese Macaque would be possible.

What mascot would you knit? Anyone knitting peacocks will impress me a lot and I’d definitely be tempted to knit a manatee!

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One Response to Monkey

  1. Karen says:

    I hope you do knit or crochet a Japanese Macaque! Wouldn’t it be cute if their body was knit with fun fur:)

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