Knitting Data

Day three of Knitting & Crochet Blog Week is about infographics. These are the fancy graphs that newspapers and TV broadcasters use to show numbers and statistics. Have you heard the phrase; “Lies, damned lies and statistics”? I generally think infographics are a great way of lying with statistics, you can make them imply whatever you want.

You’re not going to believe my infographic now are you… I promise it’s totally accurate (ish). Having done a masters in publishing, I do find the whole concept of using different media for different publications interesting. For example, something that works in book form might not work as a magazine – but magazines tend to get to the consumer a lot quicker so can keep you updated with the latest fashions/news. Also, since I’m trying to get a job in publishing, buying books and magazines is homework, right? Therefore, I decided to do some investigative journalism and run the numbers on my crafting library.

Craft Stats

Right, onto the infographics, (because you all came here for the stats, right?) above, you should see a lovely pie-chart. It shows that I own more craft magazines (16) than any other single medium of craft publishing. This is probably because I have a subscription to The Knitter… Knitting books come a close second with 14. The categories of Crochet and Other (quilting and sewing) have 5 each whereas e-books come in last place with a dismal 2. I may be cheating though as I’m only counting e-books that are actually on my e-reader. If I counted all the digital patterns I have, it would almost definitely be the biggest category (and that’s not including my queue on Ravelry).

So, you know how I said infographics can lie? Well, the chart above is true (assuming I haven’t left any of my craft books lying around that I’ve forgotten to count), but I have neglected to talk about some of the other crafts I do. Photography books take up a decent chunk of my shelf space and recipe books are even more numerous (I think at last count it was around 50). So really, in comparison, I have hardly any craft books. Statistics are great and show that I should definitely buy more knitting books. At least, I think that’s what they’re proving…

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2 Responses to Knitting Data

  1. Karen says:

    Your infographic is great! I totally agree that they are a great way to skew information to what you want it to say.

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