Colour Review

For day 4 of Knitting & Crochet blog week, the topic is colour. I have a definite tendency towards darker colours in clothes, mostly blues, greys and blacks. I think my knitting tends to follow the same trend. However, I do sometimes knit things for other people so these are usually knit in colours suitable for the person I’m knitting for.

So, I actually had a look through what I’ve knit in the past year and it turns out, apparently I mostly knit pink. Yup, that caught me by surprise too!

I’ve knitted two blankets and crocheted a cushion, they were all multiple colours:
Blankets and CushionI’ve knit two hats, yup, multi-coloured (I’m counting multiple shades of sheep as multi-coloured):
HatsI think it’s fair enough that stuff I knit for babies is colourful. Oh, turns out one of the baby things I knit is totally grey (he’s an elephant!) the rest are really quite cheerful though (both baby cardigans are knit in self-striping yarns, both Riot DK if I remember correctly):
Baby ThingsI have knit a few other things that fit in with the black, grey, blue spectrum, but I really was surprised how much colour I use in my knitting. I’m toning things down a bit this evening by casting on a pale grey jumper (Warriston by Kate Davies). But, to be totally honest… I’m tempted to knit a stripy pink jumper for me too. The babies can’t have *all* the colour!




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