Map Bunting Tutorial

Doing work experience means that I don’t have a lot of spare cash at the moment. It was a friend’s birthday recently so I decided to use my crafting skills to make her something fun. Bunting seems to be everywhere at the moment, I had a think about knitting some, or crocheting some, but it didn’t seem quite right. Then I realised, she likes maps, why not map bunting?

Step 1: Find a map
I had a look round a few charity shops, trying to find a cheap OS Map but didn’t find any cheap enough. Then I spotted this tiny map book of London for only 50p. With sturdy pages it seemed ideal.
Step 2: Separate the pages
Step 3: Make a template
I used a piece of paper the same size as the pages, fold in half, then into quarters. Cut on the diagonal from the end of one fold to the opposite end of the next fold to make triangles.
Step 4: Use the template to cut up the map
As you can see, I got three triangles (including one upside down) from each page. I discarded the half triangles.
Step 5: Use a hole punch to make holes for the string.
Step 6: Thread the triangles onto string, space out nicely and hang it up!


If you’re not a fan of maps, you could use another sort of book. I like the idea of bunting made out of pages from an old poetry book… 

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