Making Things

This week I seem to have mostly been making things. Earlier in the week I made chocolate & cherry cookies. Today I made mint choc chip ice cream, then with the leftover egg whites I made meringues. (No photos of the ice cream as it’s not totally frozen yet).

Vegan CookiesMeringues
On the crafty side of things I did some linocutting. Linocutting always surprises me by being fun and surprisingly easy. I tend to sketch out an idea first but then just let it flow. It’s not easy to do really exact things, just kind of an *idea* of the picture. Hopefully that makes sense. Anyway, I wanted to send a thank you card and since the reason is knitting-related, sheep seemed  a good place to start.
Linocut Sheep
As well as linocutting, I got to try another craft that I’ve always been interested in but never really done before – woodwork. My parents designed and commissioned a wooden bookcase when I was little and I remember going to the studio and seeing where all these amazing things were created. The smell of wood was lovely. Since then, woodwork has always fascinated me, but it doesn’t really seem like the sort of thing you should just dive into. At least with knitting, the worst that can happen is I make a mess of some nice yarn. When saws and hammers and chisels are involved, the stakes seem somewhat higher…

In Bristol there is a woodwork studio just for women. They run classes and I’m currently on the waiting list. When I got the chance to have a go, I couldn’t wait. That’s why on Friday I made a toolbox! It isn’t quite finished, I still need to sand off a few rough edges, but other than that I made a toolbox in a day!
Woodwork Toolbox
I’m not usually one for excessive exclamation marks but I thought it was pretty amazing that someone taught to make this useful (and I think rather beautiful) object from a plank of wood. Hopefully I’ll get to do some more woodworking soon. In the meantime, it looks like I’ve got another set of tools to covet. At least a workbench is cheap compared to a spinning wheel…

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1 Response to Making Things

  1. Helen & Melvyn says:

    I like all these things – cookies look amazing, also the sheepy card. Tried to comment but can’t remember which email address or password I used ;( Mum xx


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