Cider: The new ‘expecting’ gift?

Or how I came to be asked if I was buying cider to celebrate a pregnancy…

Sometimes I get into strange conversations, I think I must have a friendly face. My mum has the same problem (skill?) – random people strike up conversations with her for no obvious reason. Today my conversation at least started for a reasonable reason – I went into a shop. A cider shop to be specific. After some browsing, I picked a few bottles and put them on the counter. The friendly chap asked whether I was celebrating or if I just liked to get trashed on a Tuesday night. On saying I was going to be visiting someone who’d just bought a house, he asked “Why, are they pregnant?”

To be honest, I hadn’t realised cider was the traditional gift for expectant mothers, but at least I know for the future. He went on to tell me about his two kids and said I was young so didn’t have to rush into it… I did get a nice “I love cider” sticker for the baby of my choice though, so I think that counts as a win?

Today’s confusing conversation reminded me of the time I went to America. I’d heard some horror stories about immigration control and people being interrogated or shouted at. Because of this, I was perhaps a little nervous. Especially about the fact I was going to have to explain that yes, I was visiting America for the weekend (to go on a Zero G flight, yes it was amazing). The security guard asked how long I was visiting for, what was the purpose of my visit, then asked me if I was travelling alone. Non-plussed, I said I was with my boyfriend (who was at another desk down the hall). At which point the security guard said “You can’t be, you’re way too young to have a boyfriend”. Luckily, he let me into the country anyway. I was 25…

I suppose I would rather look approachable than intimidating. But it does make me wonder what other people think when they look at me. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has weird conversations with random strangers?

I don’t have any cider photos for you I’m afraid. You’ll just have to make do with some random photos instead (click to embiggen).

The birds:

And the bees

Dancing flowers:
Dancing flowers

And a hot dog (Gromit Unleashed):
Hot Gromit

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2 Responses to Cider: The new ‘expecting’ gift?

  1. bekswhoknits says:

    I have a friendly face too… I always get into wierd conversations with chatty strangers.

    But cider as a present to celebrate a pregnancy? Um. That doesn’t sound quite right to me.

  2. Helen says:

    Love the photos! I think getting “talked to” by strangers is great fun (as long as they are not just strange). Definitely a skill worth having!

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